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August 17, 2006 Decision Making, Enlightenment

Every time you share your ideas you bring value to others. Ideas come in many forms. They can be as simple as a suggestion, create clarity out of confusion, or give insight that is transformational. Your ideas are a reflection of who you are, how you think, what you feel, and what you’ve learned from your own experiences.

Willingness to share ideas is powerful. There is no way of assessing the impact we have on someone else by offering them our point of view. Each of us is unique. Our experiences are unique. Our perspectives are unique. No one has traveled your road, been faced with your specific challenges, or possesses your knowledge. You are uniquely qualified to be you. Your ideas matter.

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In the 1800’s Walt Whitman was quoted as saying, “Be curious, not judgmental”. Unfortunately, most of us see ourselves as the center of the universe. When we are quick to judge others we are really putting a label on them as it relates to our perception. Based on what we consider appropriate, we find fault
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Intention vs. Action (sample)

Do these statements sound familiar? “I meant to call you.” “I intended to finish the project before the weekend.” “I’m sorry I forgot your birthday.” “I had every intention of being on time.” “I’ve been wanting to take a class, write a book, or volunteer.” The truth is we are all well- meaning. The reality
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Acknowledge Your Greatness

August 14, 2006 Networking, Personal Development

You are the best! It”s time to believe that of yourself. When was the last time you told yourself how terrific you are? When did you last honor your competence, beauty, intelligence and strengths? If you”re like most of us, you”re quick to point out something you did that was “stupid” but when it comes
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24/7 Attitude

August 14, 2006 Self Confidence, Self Discipline

Action counts! Excuses are not an option. You’ve heard it before: “Attitude is everything”. “It’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how your mind looks at what happens. Life is about “attitude”.

Welcome to Joy of Connecting

August 14, 2006 Business, Connection, Networking

‘We are pleased to provide you with encouragements via this blog! Contained within this blog are motivational articles on life. We believe the lessons shared through this blog will bring much value to your life. Speaking of value, you will receive bonuses worth $44 absolutely free when you purchase Bonnie Ross” book, “Walk In My
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The Heart of A Woman

August 14, 2006 Inspiration, Personal Development

“When you are touched by the heart of a woman, be sure to let her know.” — Bonnie Ross-Parker, America”s Connection Diva. The heart of a woman is as big as life. She initiates conversations with strangers in the bathroom. She recommends the perfect place to find the perfect dress to a woman she meets
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