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How Making Connections Can Build You and Your Business

October 31, 2006 Business, Connection

by: Sue Seward

How important are making connections to your success? It’s extremely important and here’s why as well as some of the ways you can learn to be a better connector!

First of all this is a people business! It’s all about people and what they want! If you don’t find out what they want by connecting with them you’ll most likely flounder in this business! (more…)

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Networking: How Much Is “Networking Dread” Costing You

October 15, 2006 Business, Networking

by: Patricia Weber Do you do any embarrassing things in business networking? Many of us who sell, at one time or another, might confess to some dozen or so common mistakes with business networking; these are just three of the top most regretful, most ineffective and sometimes embarrassing ones. If you find one describes you,
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Building A Perpetual Referral System

October 1, 2006 Business, Networking

by: Terry S. Hall The essence of business success is measured by achieving 100% of 3 key goals: Profit goals, Balance goals and Referrals goals. There are hundreds of books that have been written on each of these topics. Today we look at referrals. There’s no business like referral business. In fact, referrals are the
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