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Powerful Networking with an Effective Introduction

November 25, 2006 Business, Networking

By Larry Baltz

You’re sitting in a room full of eager business owners at a networking event. One by one, everyone stands up and introduces themselves, hopefully gaining the opportunity to find one or two new prospects in the crowd.

Unfortunately, most business people stink at Introductions.

Take for instance the remarks made at a recent event I attended. A hotel sales rep introduced himself and stated that his hotel offered beds, meals and meeting rooms. Oh really? How many hundreds of hotels offer that, I thought. What he said was essentially the same introduction used by all the hotel sales people in the room that day. (more…)

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Attending Special Events will Increase Your Exposure

November 25, 2006 Business, Networking

By Bette Daoust, Ph.D. If an event falls into the area that is part of your expertise, find a way to attend and learn from others. Every time you attend an event, you should be able to come back with information that you can use for your own business. If you go through the display
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