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Seven Traits of True Women Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in today’s economy is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents IF you have what it takes to be successful! What is it about the successful entrepreneur that is integral to that success? Do women entrepreneurs have common traits that help with success? Is it luck? Is it their product/service? Or, is it something characteristic about her that means she would likely be successful at anything she attempted?

The woman entrepreneur will likely need some luck, but it is her drive, faith, energy and vision that will propel her to reach her goal(s). Here are a few common traits of the successful female entrepreneur. And while there are likely others, possessing these are certainly indicators that your chance of success is significantly increased.

1. Drive. Failure is not an option for the committed entrepreneur. Bumps in the road will not set her back, but will steel her resolve. She is on a mission and knows she will get to her goal.

2. Vision. The female entrepreneur is a big-picture person. She can see her successful business, what it looks like with all of its components. She can see her product on the shelves, her services in action. She is not only not afraid to dream big, but views her daydreams as achievable.

3. Autonomy. This woman likes to be in control and isn’t afraid to make decisions by herself. She is comfortable with being alone and has confidence in her intelligence. She is a take-charge person. This woman doesn’t wait for someone else to act and doesn’t second guess her choices.

4. Intuitive. The woman entrepreneur trusts her instincts about her product or service, the market and her business management skills. She uses her instinct as well as her research and her knowledge to guide her business decisions. She knows that her instincts will be what sets her apart from her competitors and will ultimately lead to her success.

5. Distinctive. People remember this woman. She is distinctive. Her product or service is distinctive and her company is a stand alone. There is nothing ordinary here.

6. Planner. This woman not only devises and puts down on paper her business plan, she follows it. She doesn’t lose sight of her goals or methods for reaching her goals. When she reaches a fork in the road, she might explore the alternate route and add it to her business plan. However, she never forgets her vision. Her business plan is the written version of the vision she sees in her mind.

7. Risk-taker. Starting a business isn’t the first time this woman has thrown the dice. She isn’t afraid to bet everything on herself. She has been known to jump before.

Grounded entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Those men and women who can truly create and lead their own original business are a combination of visionary and realist. For the true female entrepreneur, the stakes may be high and the odds may be long, but there is no other option for her.

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