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13 Reasons to Blog

July 25, 2010 Habits
Blogging? If Not, Why Not?
Reasons to Start Today – A Baker’s Dozen

We’ve all heard that ‘blogging’ is a vital strategy to growing one’s business. Do, we, however know why? Here are 13 reasons to consider blogging as part of developing your business.

1. Marketing any business with a limited budget can be daunting. Blogging is a free marketing tactic requiring only your time.

2. Want to get free search engine traffic? Big search engines including Google® love new information/content and having a blog can provide you with additional exposure.

3. Blogs – especially when you ask for feedback or comments – are a great way to create on line personal and long lasting relationships and bring your followers back to your website. This occurs over and over again if you provide great content and others share your blog with like minded readers. You are actually creating community by having a strong base of people who are engaged in what you share. Gives you a chance to communicate with customers and potential customers without the heavy cost of advertising.

4. You control of your content. You don’t have to hire anyone. You simply upload what you want to communicate and you’re finished. Unlike adding content to a website, your blog is quick and easy and you are the blog administrator. In other words, blogs are inexpensive to set up, operate and maintain.

5. Consider you can actually make money by having a blog. It allows you to offer programs, products and/or services which monetizes the content you deliver. When you create a loyal following, you also have the potential to sell to those who find value in what you have available.

6. Differentiate yourself from your competition. Your readers get to know you. They get to know about what you represent. By sharing over and over again, you become top of mind which can easily separate you from others. People will buy from people they trust and value. Offer value and you increase your audience.

7. Customers love blogs. Online dialogue is a great vehicle to create two way communication. Readers get to ask questions, offer their opinion, read about you, your products and services and get to know you. What a great tool to cultivate relationships and build community!

8. Your reputation. Blogging increases your reputation, integrity and positioning in the marketplace. Although what you post is designed to reach a huge audience, your reader feels you are speaking to him or her directly. This strengthens your relationship and credibility.

9. Increased awareness of your target market. By following the comments readers post and getting their feedback, you can actually assess who is actually best served by what you have to offer. You may actually be surprised in learning that your target differs from what you originally though.

10. Position yourself as an expert. With the potential of sharing your knowledge, expertise and experience, having your own blog provides you with a great competitive advantage. You get to offer your readers insights, ideas, strategies and food for thought they may not get otherwise. This has the potential for you to create e-books, tele-classes/seminars, radio broadcasts and other products that can be purchased.

11. Consider blogging as a public relations tool. Hiring someone to promote you can be expensive, time consuming and may take considerable time to get the results you want. By blogging, you can actually get more immediate results and exposure. Let your data base know about your blog and they will follow you AND tell others. There is no better way to build exponential results than through word of mouth.

12. Unlimited Potential. Consider that with 24/7 internet access and global reach, your blog has the potential of reaching an ongoing and unlimited number of followers. Anytime and anywhere, your blog can be read. This is undoubtedly the best possible way to communicate to large numbers. By feeding and fueling your pipeline with valuable content, rich ideas and your personality, the results can be staggering.

13. Fun. Once you get into the routine of blogging and comments are posted, it’s very motivational. Blogging can become habit forming. You can post when you want to, what you want to share and the frequency of delivery. When you think of something fun, valuable, different – simply go to your admin link, log on and blog away!

Are you ready to get serious about reaching your clients, potential customers and to establish future relationships online? If “YES”, then start blogging today. Get the word out. Ask others to share your blog with friends and associates. You’ll be amazed at the results. Blogging is a 100% no risk opportunity. Can you think of any reason not to give it a try?

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