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Show Up and Be Remembered

You Never Know Unless You Participate

How often have you resisted going somewhere, allowed someone to change your mind, and ended up having a wonderful time? I’m amazed at stories I’ve heard of people meeting someone special under circum­stances that might not have happened if a friend had not pushed against a friend’s resistance!  The conclusion: The BEST time to show up is when you are feeling the most reluctant. Somehow the universe surprises us when we are caught off guard.

Showing up has two faces: physical and mental. Being physically present is the more obvious. Of course, you have to be somewhere to experience what that place has to offer. Even more important than physical partici­pation is mental involvement. It’s easy to spot people that are physically present but mentally absent.  They may be standing alone, faraway in thought, quiet and uninvolved. In that same situation one can spot others who are engaged in conversation, sharing ideas, connecting with friends, and creating new relationships. While both sce­narios are played out everywhere, you can have the greatest impact on others when you show up and participate. Participants are remembered!

You are unique.  You bring your special skills wherever you go.  You determine your connection with your surroundings. You make a difference in other’s lives because of all of your qualities and experiences.  Think of all the individuals you impact in a single day! When you express gratitude to people you meet, share an idea that can help someone else’s progress, laugh at someone’s joke, empathize during someone’s setback, or make a phone call to a friend or colleague, you are not only “showing up”, but you are also “being remembered” because you care.

As you think about life’s playground, recognize how important it is to the rest of us that you show up. The next time you decide not to show up; change your mind! You never know who you might meet or who will benefit simply because you showed up and you were remembered.

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