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Create a Great Day

November 30, 2011 Decision Making

Every now and then I’m reminded of how something which started small can become big. Remember when the “smiley face” first got introduced to the marketplace? It consisted of a large, bright yellow circle with two, black dots for eyes and a curved black line for a smile. That’s it! And now, years later that same smiley face appears everywhere and is recognized worldwide! While I don’t expect my suggestion to become an international phenomenon, I can’t help but wonder, what if my idea really did “take off”? What if each of us willingly made just a slight shift in how we communicate to one another and it impacted Atlanta?

Here goes. Beginning today, instead of telling people to “Have a nice day”, I’m suggesting we say, “Create a great day.” I’ve been practicing over the last couple of weeks. People are  surprised. They smile. They say, “Thank you.” “I will.” “You do the same.” The shift from “hoping” one’s day will go well to “doing” something to make that happen places control where it  needs to be – ours! For us to create a “great day” requires action. When we become the playwrights, the producers, and the directors of our own lives we determine its journey. That’s what’s so exciting!WE create what WE want. WE orchestrate the day. NOTHING is left to chance.

Like any habit switching from what we’re used to saying to something new takes effort. The question becomes, what will YOUR life look like when you decide to “create great days” instead of having “nice ones”? Share the idea and create a great day every day starting today!

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