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Clarity or Clutter?

December 28, 2011 Habits

Ever had any of these experiences? You are the passenger in someone else’s car and when you get in you are surrounded by empty cups, old newspapers, maps, bags of purchases, and “stuff” on the back seat. You are immediately offered an apology from the driver for the mess. You meet a potential client at their office and find yourself surrounded by piles of books, papers, and “stuff” everywhere including the chair that has to be cleared before you can sit down. How about your own surroundings? Maybe you might consider objectively looking at your own space and recognize that it could use a “makeover”!

For me the issue is more around one’s ability to focus. I find clutter distracting. I have trouble concentrating when I am in a space that’s overgrown with “stuff”. Recently I heard the following: “How you do anything is how you do everything!” That sure resonated with me. Do messy cars reflect confused minds? Do cluttered offices give a visitor a sense of confidence in the products or services rendered? If an individual thrives in messy surroundings, is that an indicator of their behavior in general? When was the last time you re-organized your wallet or emptied and cleaned out your purse?

To me clarity offers one the ability to focus. Clutter creates confusion. When I have a lot going on at once it’s challenging to compartmentalize and prioritize. I find I’m more likely to concentrate in surroundings that are free from distractions. (I know, some people actually function better in a mess. I just don’t happen to be one of them.) To accomplish what I need to do, I focus my energy and attention to one task at a time. I’m amazed at how much I gets done. On the other hand, when I’m working simultaneously on several projects I barely scratch the surface on any one of them. I achieve the best results when I work with clarity, not clutter.

Everyday all of us are bombarded – overloaded might be a better word – with choices to make and tasks to accomplish. There are a myriad of books devoted to time management, life balance and organizational. There are how to books on every subject imaginable. There are even books for “Dummies”. I suggest that for the individual who really wants to accomplish more by being more productive, the answer is quite simple.

Take an objective look at your surroundings. Are they clear or cluttered? Implement ways you can eliminate confusion in order to concentrate. If having focus is of value to you and an area on which you’d like to improve, start today! Clean out your car, organize your desk, get rid of old stuff that no longer serves you and begin. Clarity is the reward you end up with when you eliminate clutter and confusion. Which would you prefer? Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. How is your doing going today? What will you do today to improve your performance tomorrow?

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