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Knowledge is Power

January 25, 2012 Commitment

I love to read. Were it not for the demands on my time I could spend hours at the bookstore.

I prefer buying books because I use colored “hi-liters” to mark everything I either intend to remember or refer to at a later time. I gravitate to books “in large print” because they are easy to read on the treadmill. It’s amazing how much information is available. Sometimes, however, it’s frustrating that we are limited in the time we can devote to reading for pleasure.

I also love seminars. For me, to learn in a “live” environment, to be part of an audience, and to be connected to what a speaker is sharing is worth both time and money. Some seminars only feature one speaker. Some last all day and include small concurrent sessions or tracks. Regardless of the format, taking time for self discovery, to improve one’s skills or just to learn something new is energizing and enriching. When you expand your outlook you feel empowered and motivated. There’s an expression that compares one’s mind to a stretched rubber band. Once either is “stretched” it can no longer return to it’s original form.

Do you ever think about what you might do to expand your awareness? There are many learning opportunities close to home! Hospitals frequently offer free clinics and lectures on health and well-ness. There are franchise centers which provide affordable classes on everything from A – Z. Chambers of Commerce have mini courses on business strategies. Local universities provide continuing education classes. Recently I attended an all day “Conference for Women” which offered several mini-trainings on personal and professional development. Imagine spending an entire day with high energy, entrepreneurial women who are committed to improving their effectiveness!

Anthony D’Angelo wrote, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Take time to expand your thinking! Whether it’s a one time class, a course or a lecture, reward yourself with the gift of learning. If you find something you believe might interest me, connect with me via email to share the experience. Would welcome the connecting.

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