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Daily Energizer #4: Fall in Love With Your Life ~ Susan Brown

July 30, 2012 Motivation, Personal Development

Your fears can diminish your love for your life, and Susan’s “Daily Energizer #4” provides you with one very powerful, results-producing daily step you can take to tackle your fears, right NOW, EVERY DAY.  Read on to find out how you can call forth your courage, and discover the greatest energizer of all…LOVE.



Loving your life takes courage.

Your fears hold you back from falling deeply in love with your life.

It takes courage to name and then overcome your fears. If you’re living with fear(s) of not being perfect, being rejected, not being valued, and not finding your true purpose, some of the big ones we ALL face, then loving your life will remain a dream.

Your fears kill your hope and dreams which eventually diminish your love for your life.

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