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Keep Calm – Carry On

September 8, 2012 Personal Development

If the title of this blog sounds familiar, it was a slogan highlighted during the 2012 Olympics.  How often do we get caught up in the frustration of poor customer service, people who don’t do what they say they’re going to do (not you,  of course!) or situations we simply can’t control?   Every single day we all face something that causes us anxiety, annoyance and valuable time.  Well, when I heard the expression: ‘ keep calm – carry on’, I thought, WOW is it that simple?  So, I decided to print a small sign and place it by my monitor as a gentle reminder that when the internet goes down, the check I was expecting didn’t arrive or anything else that gets my ‘feathers ruffled’, I simply repeat ‘keep calm – carry on’.  Believe it or not, it does settle my restless spirit.  Truth be known, I should place a sign near each phone, in my car and above the bathroom scale!  What about you?  Do you think this one little ditty might make you remain a bit more relaxed?    If the answer is “YES”, I invite you to post this reminder in strategic places, too.  Hope it helps!

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September 8, 2012 Personal Development

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