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Building A Viable Community – The XC Way

April 29, 2013 Connection

Sometimes, marketing can be overwhelming. There’s face to face efforts. There’s online marketing. There’s direct mail and advertising.

Being a successful woman business owner or entrepreneur can be challenging, especially for women.

Being a successful woman business owner or entrepreneur can be challenging, especially for women.

Marketing today is a whirlwind of activity. We all want the results we want. We all engage in and try new methods, ideas and technology. It seems like it is a system of trial and error. You can win and you can lose!

Xperience Connections was created as a collaborative arrangement between off-line and on-line strategies. With this innovative program, women have significant opportunities to engage face to face and to engage through an online, no fee XC Community directory. The combination is working!

While many women owned businesses and women networking groups require a membership fee, it is refreshing that we can offer a viable and valuable alternative to the traditional model.

We are looking for Xperience Connection Leaders, too.  Would enjoy your comments. Would like to train you. Contact me today at – 770-333-7923 or 1-877-411-6611 as well as by email:  bootgirl@XperienceConnections.com

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Xperience Connections Networking Events for May, 2013

April 28, 2013 Events

Here are some of the unique Xperience Connections networking events for women coming up in May. Find one near you and start connecting!

Decatur, GA ~ May 7
Roswell, GA ~ May 9
Acworth, GA ~ May 10
Norcross, GA ~ May 14
Overland Park, KS ~ May 15

If there’s not one near you, why not consider becoming an Xperience Connections Leader and starting your own!

Xperience Connections: Impacting Our Community, with Sydney Bailey | Brookhaven, GA

April 25, 2013 Connection, Networking

Xperience Connections and professional women in business are developing more effective, crucial connections http://bit.ly/XPerienceConnections with it’s new format.    Hello, my name is Sydney Bailey, and I just hosted my first Xperience Connections event and it was fabulous. Allow me to tell you where I’ve been. I was born in Ft. Benning, GA. I have lived in Atlanta
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XC: Seeking Women Business Owners

April 23, 2013 Events, Networking

XC (Xperience Connections) is expanding in Savannah, Georgia this year. Each professional woman will learn how to increase their clientele base, reach a higher-level of performance, and inevitably increase their annual income, says Merita Parker, XC Leader. My goal is to have 25 professional women networking together every month, says, Merita.  And each professional will learn how to
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Growth: Seven Decisions for Personal Success

Posted on the back of an envelope, I recently came across this list written years ago.  Growth: The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you, but when you don’t understand yourself. These memorable quotes will help keep you aligned with success, says Bonnie Ross-Parker: May these affirmations  enrich your journey: 1.  I 
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XC is offering a FREE Workshop, May 9, 2013

April 21, 2013 Events, Networking

 XC Complimentary Workshop  being offered in Smyrna, GA     Bonnie Ross-Parker will facilitate a free business workshop at Brawner Hall, Smyrna, GA. Her content rich presentations and interactive workshops provide strategies that are practical and easy to implement. A complimentary business workshop titled “Are YOU a Savvy Networker” will be offered to business owners on
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The Joy of Connecting has rebirthed: Xperience Connections

April 19, 2013 News

Women Business Owners, it is time. After a decade of growth, challenges and reflection, The Joy of Connecting has rebirthed with a new name, new logo, new mission. and an enhanced direction. We will continue to reach out to organizations for woman business owners. We are passionate about enriching the lives of  professional women. Officially
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Xperiencing Connections Remembers Marcie Hooks

April 19, 2013 Family

Xperience Connections takes the journey of remembrance with one of our in-field support team members, Cindy Elsberry, who has lost her beloved aunt, Marcie Hooks.   TRIBUTE Marcie remains one of my all-time favorite teachers, and I’m sure I couldn’t count the number of prayers she has offered up for me over the years.   When I was
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Xperience Connections is Expanding in Savannah, GA

April 15, 2013 Business, Networking, News

Xperience Connections has a new goal this year, says Merita Parker.   Each professional woman will learn how to increase their clientele base, reach a higher-level of performance, and inevitably increase their annual income, says Merita Parker, XC Leader. My goal is to have 25 professional women networking together every month.  And each professional will learn how
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The Joy of Connecting is now Xperience Connections

April 15, 2013 Business, Events, News
Xperience Connections

The New JOC is here:  Get ready to Xperience Connections like never before! Xperience Connections (XC) is now here!  Feel free to share with all of your friends… ATLANTA – APRIL 15, 2013 – The Joy of Connecting, a nationwide professional women’s networking organization headquartered in Atlanta, today unveiled its new logo, mission statement, website and name – Xperience Connections –
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