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Emotional Wellness & Professional Business Women

July 31, 2013 Life, Personal Growth

Good health doesn’t just mean physical well-being. Emotional wellness is every bit as important. Emotional health has a significant impact on productivity, performance and ultimately the success of one’s career.

To Change Your Life, You Must First Change Your Mind. Professional Business Women understand this concept.

To Change Your Life, You Must First Change Your Mind. Professional Business Women understand this concept.

Increased demands in the workplace and at home can create added stress and anxiety in our daily lives. It is imperative to take the time to develop self- awareness and self-care strategies in order to become in tuned with how well you are able to manage yourself within all the different contexts of your life.

Self-care is an intentional, ongoing, and advantageous practice. Although the abovementioned statement may seem obvious, it is easy to fall into a routine of daily life which may deny the energy needed to attend to caring for the self.


Dr. Tequilla Hill


Live Your Dreams Without Drama – Just one of 200+ resources to grow your business and improve your life. YourLearningLibrary.com     http://yourlearninglibrary.com/

To change your life, you must first change your mind. Professional business women understand this concept.

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Collaborated Efforts: “Taste” and See Success

July 29, 2013 Business, Connection, Events

We are so proud to announce the newly collaborated efforts involving one of our own Xperience Connections’ Leader, Marcy Cowan, CEO/Owner of Taste!   We want to let you know that Marcy’s business “TASTE”  is now a member of  La Maison de la Bridal. La Maison is located in Lenox Square Mall; on the Neiman-Marcus wing, 2nd floor. (This is in
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XC and The Evolution of an Artist

July 28, 2013 Business, Connection, Networking

Elisha Fields is launching her first event with Xperience Connections and invites YOU to spotlight your business and/or services September 14, 2013.   XC Leader, ELISHA FIELDS is attaining a great group of business women from the surrounding areas of Tucker, Stone Mountain, and Lilburn for her Saturday brunch, September 14th, 2013, from 11:00 am
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Wealth and Happiness

July 27, 2013 Personal Growth

After a very invigorating and enlightening Xperience Connections meeting at Bonnie’s house on Monday night, we were all blessed with a complimentary copy of David Geller’s book “Wealth and Happiness.” I was further blessed that night because I was unable to stay asleep. That was a special blessing because I gathered my little dog and
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Xperience Connections Networking Events for August, 2013

July 27, 2013 Events

Here are some of the unique Xperience Connections networking events for women coming up in August. Find one near you and start connecting!

2080 Cheshire Bridge road,Atlanta, GA ~ August 6
Jonesboro, GA ~ August 15
Marietta, GA ~ August 15
Ashland, MA ~ August 19
Cumming, GA ~ August 20

If there’s not one near you, why not consider becoming an Xperience Connections Leader and starting your own!

A New XC Leader Speaks

July 24, 2013 Business, Networking
Lynn Schreiner - XC Leader

Listen to a new XC Leader talk about why she chose to become a Leader in her community.

Bring Your Idea To Market

July 20, 2013 Business, Personal Development

 In this audio interview, Leslie Haywood shares tips on how to bring a product to market and a few resources for those who have potential ideas. It’s just one of 200+ resources to grow your business and improve your life. YourLearningLibrary.com   Imagine the life you deserve… we can help you get there.    

XC Leaders Wanted

July 18, 2013 Business, Networking

Watch Bonnie Ross-Parker explain why you should consider becoming an XC Leader in your community!

Atlanta’s Real Women: Stories of Hope and Inspiration

When half a dozen friends and I sat around my kitchen table last summer drinking ice tea and talking about how none of us has life even remotely like those on the TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we had no idea what we were about to get into. We laughed that if cameras
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Health Coaching for Profit

July 17, 2013 Business, Events, Networking

It is the mission of Xperience Connections to encourage and facilitate the growth, performance and integrity of professionals by creating opportunities to foster relationships through a creative exchange of information and referrals.  Everything we do has to do with the promotion of our three pillars through meetings, seminars, webinars, products, our representatives and our agenda.
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