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Educational Topic For July

August 16, 2014 Business, Personal Development

“That’s IT, I’m done!” How many times have you had that thought while trying to promote or build your business? Rejection still stings even in the midst of yeses. It can be difficult to keep your chin up when facing disappointments; staying upbeat and positive can be challenging.

Contact Cindy for administrative support.

Contact Cindy for administrative support.

Xperience Connections’ education topic for July was “What do you do to overcome disappointments, rejection, or discouragement? Share what keeps you from never quitting.”

Here are strategies our attendees use to keep their spirits lifted. Thank you to the women of the Douglasville and Powder Springs XC:

  • Overcome objections. Pretend that each rejection is a bullet and that you are bulletproof.
  • Have a strong WHY that makes you keep going
  • Read the book Go For No
  • Mark off 100 ‘noes’ on a sheet. Success is in the ‘no’
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Have a strong support system
  • Have a Pinterest board with positive sayings
  • Realize quitting is never an option
  • Read the book The Four Agreements
  • Be focused always on a goal. Always have your own personal goals!
  • Remember – you could always be in an ugly gray cubicle
  • Call a friend
  • Wine
  • Play with dogs
  • Think why you started in your business
  • Have goals in mind
  • Inform family
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Use failure as a trampoline instead of a stone
  • Be committed to education
  • Don’t attach to their decision
  • Don’t let little disappointments get you down
  • Success in the ‘noes’
  • ‘Yeses’ build my business; ‘noes’ build my character
  • Remember your WHY
  • Handwritten thank you notes with gift cards
  • Sign order forms/recpts with personal note referencing
  • Handwritten thank you notes with gift cards
  •  Be of service, be a resource, without expectation of others reciprocating
  • Social media business directories to connect people
  • Sign order forms/receipts with personal note referencing their name
  • Add Thank you note to persons you do business with
  • Dress for success
  • Be genuine and authentic
  • Meet in person and listen
  • Go the extra mile – over deliver
  • Go overboard with appreciation – customized 12. Follow up!
  • Remember important details of your customers – birthdays, etc

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