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July’s Educational Topic Responses

July 31, 2015 Uncategorized

Can you believe 2015 is half-way over already??? It seems like we were just setting goals for a productive year. Have you accomplished what you set out to do? Have your customers/clients, profits and productivity increased?


We asked our ladies at the Cumberland/Atlanta, Kennesaw, Hiram and Buford Xperience Connections for their ideas. Our topic of discussion was: “As you consider where you are in your business, what changes might you implement now to increase your bottom line in the second half of 2015.”



  • Possibly end free consulting – too much time without significant return
  • Take better care of myself by not devoting all time to clients
  • More structure in my business
  • Outsourcing activity that take time away from what is more productive/income producing
  • Set goals – small steps to build to bigger results
  • Evaluate my efficiency or lack of
  • Decide who to work with that VALUE your help
  • Time blocking/management
  • Follow up and personal contact – gets busy with email and other things
  • Personal touch is important – we have a lot of electronics
  • Do more events such as expo events
  • Go to  Facebook events – GA vendor events –  have a cap on what to spend on events
  • Simplify – too much time talking about what we do when people ask 
  • Don’t over speak about our business – ask questions about how we can help others
  • Not going to be so hard on myself – remember my purpose
  • Seek out word of mouth
  • Follow-up and vendor events
  • Embrace social media more
  • Open my mouth more (be more conversational)
  • Get others’ information when meeting them
  • Book appointments on the spot
  • Commit to being in a networking group
  • Identify an ambassador in another area to market and hold events for my business
  • Start to train and teach others or expand the training I’m already doing
  • Trim the fat from my agenda; engage in essential and revenue generating activities
  • Be intentional about when I’m going to work on my business, put it into my calendar and do it
  • When looking for business partners, don’t look for people just like me, look for those who compliment me
  • Step out and shine; get out there and speak; put myself out there
  • Hire full time assistant
  • Leverage branding by getting ambassadors to help promote events
  • Get a marketing person to help with business
  • Ask for referrals
  • Write more and get published
  • Teach others
  • Better customer service
  • Create a system for follow-up with existing customers


Do any of these ideas ring true for you? Would you implement one of them to help you be more productive the rest of the year? Do you have something you would add to the list? Please let us know by commenting below.




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