A Major Impact

by Cindy Elsberry
February 15, 2016 Uncategorized

As a business owner, I am always looking for ways to become more organized and increase my profits. One of my favorite ways to hear about these things is to attend an Xperience Connections. Learning about new products or services that can propel my business forward is exciting.


One of the ways we brainstorm is to have a conversation around an education topic. This month our topic was

“Share briefly about a specific business, product or service that has had a major impact on you personally or on your bottom line. For example: a joint of collaborative venture, hiring someone from your XC connections, engaging a coach, joining another networking organization.”

Thank you to the ladies of the Douglasville, Marietta and Cumberland/Atlanta Xperience Connections for sharing their ideas:

  • Hired an XC Leader to sell my town home
  • Attend Atlanta Business Spotlight regularly because of the value of their seminars/workshops/training
  • Engaged a business coach
  • Became an Xperience Connections Leader
  • Engaged with someone who helped me with my branding which ultimately led me to produce a book
  • Invested in a mastermind group for strategizing and support
  • Many connections through networking which helped me expand relationships and business
  • We started off with networking. Being consistent with networking through XC and other like groups have helped businesses tremendously.
  • Utilizing social media was another way that bottom lines were improved.
  • Staying connected with influencers that help push us to do better. It’s important to stay connected.
  • taxbot.comHelps organize business life. Scans receipts, tracks mileage and helps keep more of your money. Helps to not “worry about the details.”
  • meAn automated communication system for direct selling especially in the party plan business. Hostesses love it and helps to keep their party in front of the friends.
  • https://www.mileiq.com/  app that tracks mileage automatically from your phone as your car travels. Can then separate business from personal for tax purposes.
  • leadoutcome.com   A lead automation system that takes business cards and creates a drip marketing campaign that is automated and very easy for business owners.
  • Making sure you have an emergency fund set aside for just that- emergencies. Even before retirement planning, start an emergency fund.
  • XC has made a huge difference in her business. Used to be terrified of speaking now is very confident speaking.
  • XC helped her develop lifelong friends; partnered with other XC ladies in business.
  • XC helped her find friends after moving here from England.
  • Evernote for following up.


Hopefully this list will inspire you to get organized and/or grow your business. If you have something you’d like to share that has helped in your business, please leave in the comments below.

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