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Resist No More

January 18, 2012 Acceptance

Can you even remember life BEFORE the microwave oven? Can you live without it? I resisted for quite a while before owning one. I couldn’t justify spending money to save time by heating food quickly! Today, to “nuke” something is commonplace. In fact, having recently bought a new home, I didn’t realize that a built-in microwave is now considered a standard appliance.. (Sharing this with you reminds me of the stories our parents enjoy telling that frequently begin with “I remember when”.)

So, you’re probably thinking, what’s the point? In examining my behavior I’m wondering if you’re a lot like me. I usually take a “wait and see” attitude when considering whether or not to purchase something that speaks to newer technology. I resisted remote controls because they represented laziness, a food processor when my mixer with three different sized bowls worked just fine, a C D player (what am I going to do with all my tapes?), and a mobile phone. If you relate to this behavior, surely I’m in good company!

Both a recent series of inconveniences and the reality of what is commonly called “information overload” precipitated my once again giving in to another advancement in technology. Because of my ongoing struggle to organize a full schedule and life style, to keep track of names, phone and fax numbers, addresses and appointments, e-mails and reminders I bought a small, hand-held computer commonly called “the palm” or “Palm Pilot”. It’s fascinating that one can actually have all necessary data in one place and quickly accessible without requiring an address book, day-timer, or business card file.

I have to admit I’m really benefiting from this new purchase. Not only has it simplified my life, but now I feel really connected to current technology. When asked if I have a palm, I can reply, “Of course. Doesn’t everyone?”

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