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Discovery and Recovery

May my cancer journey offer you support, compassion and understanding in what you, too, might be facing.
Let discovery and recovery strengthen your determination and faith.
This complimentary e-book is my gift toward your healing or the healing of others.


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It’s All Part of the Journey

April 18, 2015 Enlightenment, Inspiration

by Bonnie Ross-Parker – CEO/Founder of Xperience Connections No matter how we want our journey to unfold and knowing that our thoughts create our reality, we often find ourselves in circumstances we could not have imagined.  Who hasn’t faced divorce – whether ours or someone we love?  Who hasn’t faced death – intimately or beside
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Pursuit of Happiness

February 3, 2015 Enlightenment, Inspiration, Life

Every now and then I will come across an article that stays in my mind long afterward. When I recently read a story about Michael J. Fox (actor in Family Ties), I was particularly moved by his philosophy on life.  Living with Parkinson’s disease, he continues to pursue his career, wrote a book and has
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The Question Without An Answer

I hope you’re curious.  What IS a question that doesn’t have an answer?  It’s not a riddle.  It’s one word.  And, you and I and everyone who is sitting and reading this blog has expressed this question over and over again without any definitive conclusion.  The question is simply this: Why?    As Baby Boomers,
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Do You Use Your Sleep Mode?

The other night I was at my computer. The busy week had kept me working later and more intensely than usual and although I was actually ready for bed, I still had a few edits and emails to finish before the day ended. I was busy at work, trying to stifle a yawn when suddenly
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Growth: Seven Decisions for Personal Success

Posted on the back of an envelope, I recently came across this list written years ago.  Growth: The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understands you, but when you don’t understand yourself. These memorable quotes will help keep you aligned with success, says Bonnie Ross-Parker: May these affirmations  enrich your journey: 1.  I 
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CANI – Constant And Never Ending Growth

How do you feel about growing personally or professionally? Right above my desk I have a sign that reads:  CANI.  I framed it years ago after a seminar I attended.  I ask myself: “Do we ever stop learning?  Can we possibly grow and expand both personally and professionally without new behaviors?”  I first got introduced to motivational learning
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Ten Ways to Empower Your Soul

April 25, 2012 Enlightenment

In 1999, a friend gave me a gift – the following booklet on empowering one’s soul.  I recently came across it and thought you, too, would appreciate this simple wisdom..  Sometimes, even the basic lessons of life can have the most profound effect.  Consider beginning today to enhance and enrich your life and the lives
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Find Reasons to Celebrate

February 1, 2012 Enlightenment

It’s been said the more you celebrate the more there is to celebrate! All of us celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, promotions, graduations, retirement, and new homes. Sometimes I’ll be at the supermarket during the middle of a work day and see someone at the check-out line with a personalized cake in one hand and a
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August 17, 2006 Decision Making, Enlightenment

Every time you share your ideas you bring value to others. Ideas come in many forms. They can be as simple as a suggestion, create clarity out of confusion, or give insight that is transformational. Your ideas are a reflection of who you are, how you think, what you feel, and what you’ve learned from
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