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Tomorrow Starts Now

In a moment of brilliance (at least, I thought so) I got to thinking about how every minute, every thought and action collectively creates tomorrow!  There really isn’t a break in time from one moment to the next.  Life is a continuous cycle.  Man created a ‘calendar’ with its defining segments so we can keep track.  Reality is, however, that our week, for example, doesn’t actually ‘stop’ at midnight on Saturday evening and ‘resume’ a moment later with a new day we label Sunday! Slide1

What are you doing now (aside from reading this article)?  What are you thinking?  What is your plan for the day?  What action(s) are you intending as today’s hours pass by?  If you accept that, in fact, the tomorrow you face is actually the result of what is going on in your life, you just might consider the consequences of everything you think and do. 

For example.  Are you honoring your commitments?  Are you taking care of your health?  Are you valuing your relationships?  Are you serving others?  Are you living in integrity?  Do you believe you make a difference?  If your answers to these questions fill your heart with joy and wellbeing, then you are truly insuring that tomorrow will bring you even more fulfillment.

What does it take to insure that your ‘tomorrow’ is what you want it to be?  Live with the end in mind.  Know who you are.  Know what you want.  Be willing to do the work to get the results you deserve.  Life is a gift.  It’s not an accident.  We didn’t create it.  It was given to us.  The question is this.  How much do you really value the gift of life?  What can you do now and in the days ahead to insure your life plays out with overflowing gratitude?  Be blessed.  Bless others.  You are worthy of amazing tomorrows.  It really is in your hands.  Be all you can be!

I welcome your comments, feedback.  Do you have a different spin on this?  Share it!

Bonnie Ross-Parker

CEO/Founder of Xperience Connections







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