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December 5, 2015 Business, Decision Making, Motivation

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Educational Topic: Motivation

March 1, 2015 Motivation

Motivation seems to be the buzz-word. Seminars are offered, books released and online courses are advertised to motivate you to…….(fill in the blank). Whether it’s motivation to grow your business or yourself, we are bombarded with others wanting to motivate us. However, in my experience, only YOU can motivate YOU. We can learn tips and
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Time Management Learned?

January 6, 2015 Inspiration, Motivation

What would be possible if you managed your time in a way that works for you?  Here we are at the beginning of 2015 and many people have set resolutions that include goals of spending more time with their family, having more time to pursue their interests, achieving better work and life balance and work
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What Motivates You?

January 5, 2015 Inspiration, Motivation

Well, it’s that time again.  Seems like everyone is focusing on evaluating the year gone by, the goals achieved or not and deciding on what will be the direction of one’s efforts in 2015.  There are plenty of studies to suggest that the likelihood of achieving goals is significantly increased when they are written down. 
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Education Topic of October – Resolutions

November 16, 2014 Motivation, Personal Development

I make a list almost every day of things to do or a list of things to get done by a particular date. Lists (or mini-goals as I like to call them) keep me on task. They also help me to stay focused. We wanted to know how you feel about the subject. The Xperience
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Professional Business Women | 4 Ways to Make Networking Work for You

April 11, 2014 Business, Inspiration, Motivation

Professional Business Women, More to Think About! Some people don’t get it. They don’t truly understand how important each person is. They don’t value the power of networking. And they don’t know how to network well, which is probably why the blog, “Networking for Dummies: 4 Habits Your Contacts Hate” was written.  Rather than focus
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1st Quarter in Review

March 15, 2014 Inspiration, Motivation

As I was reviewing the impending close of the first 3 months of 2014, I suddenly realized I found myself thinking about what I haven’t done instead of what I’ve accomplished!  As women in business, we must remember to focus on what we have accomplished. Then I wondered why I chose to let non-success overshadow
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Consistant Marketing For Professional Women In Business

February 14, 2014 Inspiration, Motivation, Networking

Wise information from my business colleague/strategist:  Professional Women In Business, do you feel like sometimes you have lots of clients and at other times, there is nothing? What’s the secret to having clients consistently?”  My answer is something I call “A.B.M.” Always Be Marketing! If you want a full roster of clients in 6 months, you must
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4th Quarter And There’s Still Time

October 19, 2013 Inspiration, Motivation

How did we get from New Year’s to the 4th Quarter of 2013 so quickly?  Does it seems like you were just sitting down to write your goals for the year?  At lightning speed, nine months have passed by!  It’s time to take a look at what you’ve accomplished and applaud yourself for achieving what
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CANI – Constant And Never Ending Growth

How do you feel about growing personally or professionally? Right above my desk I have a sign that reads:  CANI.  I framed it years ago after a seminar I attended.  I ask myself: “Do we ever stop learning?  Can we possibly grow and expand both personally and professionally without new behaviors?”  I first got introduced to motivational learning
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