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Educational Topic November 2015

December 14, 2015 Inspiration, Networking, Personal Growth

This time of year, for me, always brings a time of thankfulness and reflection. A time to stop and be more aware of the everyday. Also, to look at my business and remember my successes and what or who contributed to it.

Our education topic was: “As the holiday season approaches, share with us 2-3 gratitude’s that bless you abundantly. Offer from both a personal and professional perspective.”

Thank you to all the contributors from the following XC locations: Acworth, Buford, Hiram, Marietta and Powder Springs.


  • Husband and family support. Periscope helped her face her fears of public speaking. Thankful to the Lord for his blessings.
  • A supportive husband – they worked together in business for 30 years, now he is supporting her with her own business. She has renewed recently her faith and found a church that she finds inspiring. Impacted also by the women she has been around. Drive and Tenacity are her strengths.
  • Family and Friends, blessed with people who are not superficial. Authenticity is the key. Health & Wellbeing. She shares in business what she is passionate about. The opportunity for women has never been greater in this world as right now to do great things.
  • Family and support. Business partners with her sister. Exercising her faith – took a step, a leap of faith, persevered, surrendering to God’s will. Thankful for this group – Confidence, supportive, builds us up- deep relationships. A personal thank you to Robin Crawford.
  • Support of the family, in particular her adorable husband – supports her beyond belief day-to-day and in business.
  • Blessed with faith, her church and family, her son faced some health challenges. She feels her profession is so supportive, non-judgmental, allows her to be herself, there is no separation between belief and work life balance.
  • The company you keep – awesome!
  • Became Youth Group leader, a blessing and a humbling experience.
  • Strongest year in business due to networking.
  • Met many people and formed many lasting friendships.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Able to take my business with me wherever I go.
  • Business partner as a “sister”, nine years together through the good and the bad.
  • Able to quit “day job” and be an entrepreneur full time.
  • able to work at home and raise children with full support of spouse
  • Grateful for my company and the ability to work.  Thankful my brother has a second chance to live due to organ transplant.
  • Grateful for working and the ability to call all customers.  Grateful in personal life for friends and family.
  • Husband set free from depression and now a true partner being able to get out and share opportunity again.
  • Things that don’t drag you down.
  • Grateful for Sandy and her support; my business team, and my work
  • My family and my husband.
  • My health and vitality and my clients.
  • Happy that I made it here.
  • Happy to have a business that is mobile so she can take care of family while working.
  • Happy to be doing well in college.
  • Thankful to have a business that makes people happy.
  • Thankful for loyal customers.
  • Thankful for good health.
  • Home renovation complete
  • All A’s in college.
  • Retired from one business and started a new business.
  • Three week vacation with family to home country.
  • Celebrated five year business anniversary.
  • Very busy with business throughout the year.

To quote Geri Looker, XC Leader for Marietta, “There is a common thread here, Support/Love/Passion – from spouses, family, colleagues, each other, faith in God, and belief. We are Women, We are Enough!”


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