October Education Topic

by Cindy Elsberry
November 16, 2015 Uncategorized

Sometimes the day-to-day can get us down. We fall and get back up. We surround ourselves with people who support our vision. But it all comes down to us. How we perceive ourselves and the backstory that has shaped our lives. There is a phrase going around which resonates with me – “What you think about, you bring about.”

Often times we only see our failures or our difficulties. We forget about the times we have overcome or persevered. These moments are vital to our successes. If we focus on our achievements, they give us strength and determination.

With that in mind, this month our interactive topic was: “Please share details about something you have achieved this year that you are most proud of.” 

  • Became a certified group insurance specialist
  • Produced my first book due for publication in November
  • Significant personal growth and increased my value for relationships
  • Rebuilding my life during a time of crisis
  • I’ve developed the faith to trust life after dealing with my mom’s death
  • I’ve focused on slowing down and enjoying moments in life.
  • I made a bucket list and have already carried out some of the items
  • I’ve given up being afraid in order to step out with more confidence
  • Overcoming health challenges by allowing myself to be authentic
  • Expressing gratitude for getting up every day
  • I attended a self-help group in June in Bulgaria for one month.  In order to attend this group, you must complete part 1, 2, and 3.  I had done all of those and was able to get to this group that really helped me uncover limiting beliefs.
  • In January I came out of the recovery closet.  I have been clean for 18 years and am now teaching source and being authentic and having integrity.  I learned my purpose and am helping others.
  • I completed a 5K Alzheimer’s walk and my seven year old son went with me.  He learned all about this disease.
  • I moved from New York to a new home and a new job here in the Atlanta area.  I am proud that I have been able to transfer my life from New York to here.
  • I am proud that I sold my insurance agency and that I am now opening a new work space agency and building for BB&L.  
  • Very busy with business throughout this year
  • Celebrated five year business anniversary
  • All A’s in College
  • Family and business in balance
  • Retired from one business and started a new business
  • Home renovation completed
  • Three-week vacation with family to home country


Write down your successes. Read them at least once a week. Focus on what you have achieved to give you a boost during difficult times. Be proud.


“Toot your own horn” and tell us about YOUR achievements in the comments below.


Thank you to the attendees of the Atlanta-Cumberland, Buford and Powder Springs Xperience Connections for contributing.


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