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Deborah Bigda

Deborah Bigda

Health & Wellness
XC Leader

Plexus Worldwide

Independent Ambassador
Marietta , GA 30066

Growing up as an Army brat, Deborah moved every three years living in many of the East Coast states as well as Tehran, Iran. She married Chris, her high school sweetheart, 22 years ago and has four wonderful children ranging in ages 7 – 18 (three boys and then a girl). She has homeschooled her children since the beginning and her oldest will be a senior this fall.

Deborah has a B.B.A in Finance with an emphasis in Portfolio/Investments. She continued on to earn a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. However, she quickly realized that her true passion is working with people in helping them achieve their goals, whatever they might be.

She enjoys being active doing outdoor activities such as running, biking, camping, and watching her children play their sports. She is currently a gold belt assistant instructor studying Choi Kwan Do continuing her path towards earning her black belt. She seeks out opportunities where her children can volunteer and give back to the community. Despite moments of weakness, she has always been a health nut trying to feed her family healthy meals and snacks.

Her discovery of Plexus, a health and happiness company, happened after years of her husband suffering from GI distress with no relief from modern medicine despite thousands of dollars in tests and medicine. In addition, her two youngest children started exhibiting similar symptoms. After driving her 10-year old son 1.5 hours while on vacation to an emergency room due to severe abdominal pains, Deborah finally decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. Addressing their gut health has been life changing for their entire family and she wants to share her knowledge and experience with others.

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