Spotlight on Macon, GA
Kimberly Carswell

Kimberly Carswell

XC Leader
Beauty / Skin Care
Clothing & Accessories

Ruby Ribbon

Independent Stylist
Lizella, GA 31052

Hello! i am originally from Gulfport, MS and currently live in Lizella, GA. I am a Hairstylist in Macon. I love to make women look and feel good about themselves, and am passionate about my career. About 3 years ago I became an independent stylist with Ruby Ribbon, which is another way I can help women feel and look better and have more confidence. I love when a woman takes our cami challenge and has that 'wow' moment that she can say "Bye Bye Bra" to her old uncomfortable and unhealthy underwire bra by replacing it with one of our cami's! After attending my first few XC meetings I fell in love with the concept and the set-up which is so different from other forms of networking. You really get a chance to build a relationship with like-minded women. I felt the need to bring this opportunity to the Middle Georgia area and I am proud and excited to be leading Xperience Connections Macon!

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