Spotlight on Marietta Square, GA
Geraldine Looker & Lori Lyons

Geraldine Looker

XC Leader

Direct Selling


Independent Consultant
Marietta, GA 30008

Lori and I would like to welcome you to our Xperience Connections event Marietta
To find out more about our event or about Xperience Connections email

A little bit about myself and Arbonne:-
I am an English Rose who moved "Across the Pond" in 2010
I was privileged & proud of my profession as a midwife for over 30 plus years in the UK. There is nothing more empowering and humbling at than the birth of a new life.
Being an advocate for women, throughout her career it was essential to carry that on in a different direction.
Geri was introduced to Arbonne, by her daughter in the UK, who gave her a sample of the RE9 Advanced Anti Aging Skincare range from an Arbonne Consultant friend of hers in London. Almost immediately I noticed a difference in my skin.
What makes Arbonne different? Their philosophy and product integrity. Pure, Safe & Beneficial.
Premium, quality products that combine the best of science and nature, that cross 6 industries: Skincare, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Nutrition, Detox & Weight Management. Arbonne products are validated - Vegan, Gluten Free, No dairy, No whey, No soy, No GMO. Not tested on animals, no animal by products, no parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, chemical dyes or perfumes & so much more. Arbonne has a unique and strict Ingredients policy which is the fundamental principle behind the brand.
I now get the chance to share these amazing products with others. The difference this unique business can make to their lives.
Beauty from the inside out.

Lori Lyons

Web Services
XC Leader

Ignite Marketing & Park Lane Jewelry

Owner- Area Director
Marietta, GA 30062

I'm proud to be a part of two wonderful businesses with XC. First - I'm the Owner and Creative Director of Ignite Marketing - building awesome websites! We do website design and audits, social media and branding. I would love to talk with you if your website is starting to show it's age a bit or if you are looking to brand yourself online. I love helping my XC sisters with their online marketing!

I am also an Area Director for Park Lane Jewelry – a line of designer inspired jewelry with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Jewelry places YOUR signature on your outfit. It shows your mood, your attitude AND your personality! Jewelry is in the top 3 of best gifts to give and is always appropriate and appreciated. I love to help define a style with jewelry! Special event? Send me a pic of your outfit and I will help you style it! OR – I’ll bring my mobile boutique to you and we will play in jewelry!

I also help empower women (and men) by offering a business opportunity that allows for rapid advancement for those that desire to do more. We just ask you to pay shipping and insurance on your jewelry and you can start right away with a fun and rewarding business!

My husband and I just celebrated our 26th Anniversary and we have one son that's a freshman in college. I am pretty close to a lifelong resident of the Metro Atlanta area (with the exception of 8 years as a Yankee!) and have built an extensive network of everything! I love to connect people and am looking forward to helping my fellow XC sisters! I look forward to connecting with you!

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