Spotlight on Powder Springs, GA
Susan Guthrie & Geneva Wirtz

Susan Guthrie

XC Leader
Health & Wellness
Network Marketing

Wellness Network

Nutritional Cleanse Coach
Powder Springs, GA 30127

I am originally from Dade City, Florida. I graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Horticulture in 1981. I taught high school Horticulture for eight years in Clayton County. I owned Pointe South Flowers and Gifts in Fayetteville, Georgia for ten years. I am married with two children. Our family moved to Cobb County in 1995 and I started Florals to Remember specializing in flowers for weddings. I enjoy arranging flowers, playing tennis and volunteering in the community.
When our son was 7 years old he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADD. We spent the next few years trying to find natural ways to help him. That is when we found Nikken, The Wellness Home Company. The Nikken technologies, including the sleep system changed his life. I decided to share Nikken with others who were looking for healthy, safe alternative products for health and wellness.
I have been to hundreds of JOC/XC’s since Bonnie Ross Parker founded it on August 21st 2002. I have met some of my closest friends at the events and do my best to support other women by purchasing holiday and special occasion gifts from my XC sisters.
It was at the Acworth XC in 2007 that I learned about Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing products. My family and I have released over 150 pounds and feel amazing. I have now added Isagenix to the Wellness products that I share at The XC.
I recently learned about my newest addition to my wellness line, Nspire Network from Tracee Randall (XC CMO). I am passionate about sharing another way that women can avoid toxins and improve their health.
I am very excited to welcome everyone to my Powder Springs home. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Susan Guthrie

Geneva Wirtz

Health & Wellness
Direct Selling
XC Leader


Acworth, GA 30102

Hi, I’m Geneva Wirtz. I’m a Yankee transplant; born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin. I’m the youngest of 12 and spent my first career as a naval officer. After my retirement, I continued to move around the country trying to figure out where I belonged. I finally moved to Acworth, about ten years ago, at the invitation of my sister. I married a Southerner nine years ago and have decided to turn my cheesehead in for a peach. I have been in direct sales most of my life with a wide variety of companies. I am blessed to be part of the ground floor movement to improve women’s lives and health with a brand new company nSpire. Nspire is made up of mission driven people who are committed to replacing the toxic sanitary products with a healthy, immune boosting pad called Cherish. When I first got to the Atlanta area, I realized that I needed to expand my network of contacts within the local female business community. As I searched the web for a group of kindred souls, I was guided to Xperience Connections website. It is a godsend. My first meeting was March 23, 2013 at Bonnie’s home. The potential impact of the group on my life and business was apparent immediately. I knew that I wanted to maximize the benefits of being part of this incredibly vibrant group of women and signed up to be the leader in Acworth in 2013 and am currently the co-leader of Powder Springs with Susan Guthrie.

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