The Seven Powers of One Word Event

by Melissa Mansfield Baker
November 16, 2015 Uncategorized

Event Details

Your Destiny Starts Now with ONE Word

You will:

  • Uncover your ONE word to help you manifest your destiny
  • Discover the science and faith behind all seven powers of one word
  • Get instant access to 12 PROVEN activation strategies
  • Determine your top 10 POWER words after you find your one right word
  • Identify your top 10 personal list of negative words holding you back
  • Learn how to calculate the vibration of a word thorugh the language of numbers

FEE:   99.00 

Fri., Dec. 4, 9:30-3:30 pm 

WHERE:  4247 Highborne Drive, Marietta GA  30066

More info and registration at:

sb coach

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