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Unexpected Pleasures

September 28, 2011 Habits

It is amazing how quickly the calendar fills up as I move through days, weeks and months. Between business appointments, social plans, holiday celebrations, vacations, and family gatherings, there is always some event or commitment to plan or look forward to. Expected pleasures and the joy of anticipating them continually fill my calendar.

Every now and then, however, I am blessed with something that happens “out of the blue” or “unexpectedly”. It may be a phone call from someone with whom I have not connected for too long, a card that says “thank you”, a photograph and personal note that ends up in my mailbox, a last minute invitation to a sporting event or dinner, a greeting card sent via e-mail or just an acknowledgement. Whatever their form these gestures of friendship, love, and appreciation are unquestionably the greatest gifts of all. Not only is there joy in receiving these unexpected pleasures, but there is greater satisfaction in delivering them to others!

Recently we had a home inspection done. Because the efficiency of both the inspector and his associate was impeccable, I decided to write a letter of appreciation to the company and offered myself as a reference. It felt terrific taking the time to do this. When the office associate called me to say thank you, I could hear her smile. She said it was the first time anyone had sent them such an appreciative letter. Wow!

Why not make it a habit to offer “unexpected pleasures” to people who make a difference in your life? Just think of the difference it will make in theirs!

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