Xperience Connections® is an organization of entrepreneurial women, connecting through a proven system that ensures comfortable yet effective networking to foster business growth and create opportunities for referrals and friendships. Over 12,500 women have attended XC nationwide.

Women business owners want:

  • A place to meet other women business owners
  • Low-commitment high-results networking options
  • Coaching on how to grow their business through networking

Xperience Connections (XC) provides all this and more!

XC offers a number of unique networking opportunities for businesswomen:

  • Connect by adding your business listing in the complimentary XC online directory.
  • Attend local events in a relaxed setting where you will meet other women, build relationships and share information about your business.
  • Lead a local event yourself to market your own business while you provide a forum for other women business owners to develop their businesses

Learn from experts:









Add your business listing in the complimentary XC online directory Attend a local event to meet other women, build relationships and promote your business Lead a local event to market your business while providing a platform for other women to build theirs Learn from experts on business building, core values and industry-specific challenges

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This Baby Boomer Is Adjusting


I look back over the last several years at communication and its changing landscape and I have to give myself credit for adjusting.  I remember when I didn’t know the difference between email and www!  When do you use @ and when do you use .com?   It took me a while to finally ‘get it’.
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Educational Topic For July

Contact Cindy for administrative support.

“That’s IT, I’m done!” How many times have you had that thought while trying to promote or build your business? Rejection still stings even in the midst of yeses. It can be difficult to keep your chin up when facing disappointments; staying upbeat and positive can be challenging. Xperience Connections’ education topic for July was
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