Xperience Connections® is an organization of entrepreneurial women, connecting through a proven system that ensures comfortable yet effective networking to foster business growth and create opportunities for referrals and friendships. Over 12,500 women have attended XC nationwide.

Women business owners want:

  • A place to meet other women business owners
  • Low-commitment high-results networking options
  • Coaching on how to grow their business through networking

Xperience Connections (XC) provides all this and more!

XC offers a number of unique networking opportunities for businesswomen:

  • Connect by adding your business listing in the complimentary XC online directory.
  • Attend local events in a relaxed setting where you will meet other women, build relationships and share information about your business.
  • Lead a local event yourself to market your own business while you provide a forum for other women business owners to develop their businesses

Learn from experts:









Add your business listing in the complimentary XC online directory Attend a local event to meet other women, build relationships and promote your business Lead a local event to market your business while providing a platform for other women to build theirs Learn from experts on business building, core values and industry-specific challenges

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