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Forget Perfect – Be Real

November 29, 2012 Personal Development

What is it with body size, body shape, model-thinness, extreme diets, and the constant feeling that we have to be perfect? Hear what fashion designer Samuel Vartan has to say about all that nonsense in Star in Your Own Life Story Coach Amy Beth O’Brien’s interview with him. Samuel is one of a dozen experts who appear in her 10-part, Re-script Your Life, on-demand coaching program. Find out more and join here: http://bit.ly/ReScript

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Re-Script YOUR Life Coaching

November 26, 2012 Personal Development

  Does the nagging voice of self-doubt and not-enough hold you back? Find out six big fat lies women tell themselves and a three-part process you can follow to ditch your inner film critic and tap into your wise, intuitive inner director in Star in Your Own Life Story Coach Amy Beth O’Brien’s interview with
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Giving Thanks

November 19, 2012 Personal Development

Especially at this time of year, expressing overflowing gratitude seems to be top of mind.  What about acknowledging our good fortune on the other 364 days?   Every single moment provides us the opportunity to voice appreciation. In doing so, abundance actually increases.  It is my hope that you regularly find time to thank your spiritual source, your colleagues, your friends and
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Blog to Brand And Grow Your Business

November 3, 2012 Personal Growth

Article as seen in Costco November, 2012 newsletter:  Want to brand your business as the top resource in your field?  Branding expert and Costco member Nora Richardson (http://spot-onbranding.com) says blogging is a great way to showcase your business.  “If you’re not blogging, you’re in the minority,” she says in an article on Biznik.com  Here are her
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