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Education-Business Plan Suggestions

March 28, 2015 Personal Development

Sometimes it’s helpful to hear others’ opinions or suggestions to help with problems you are facing in your business. This month our topic was “If there is a specific area of your business that isn’t going the way you’d like it to, identify what that is and what help you need.” Thank you to the attendees for Woodstock, Camp Creek, Acworth, Cumberland and

Contact Cindy for administrative support.

Contact Cindy for administrative support.

Marietta/Kennesaw XC for opening up and sharing. Here are their responses to the question and suggestions to help with the problem:

  • Getting more retail customers on my website – suggested to give a referral bonus.
  • Too many customers and not enough time – suggested they delegate.
  • Underestimate the amount of time it takes to do things. RSS feed, buffer.com, tiny torch, Hootsuite to schedule posts and save time.
  • Shy and nos bother her – suggested she get the book “Go for Nos.”
  • Follow-up with people more than one time. Evernote information to help with follow-up.
  • Handling the faucet of referrals.
  • Getting warm calls instead of cold calls – suggested she volunteer in the community to get warm leads. Partners in education with schools. Social media courses to get information on how to promote business.
  • Home parties are hard to get people to go to. It was suggested that she set more one-on-one appointments. People are more likely to go to meet you if they know you are expecting just them.
  • People are “kit nappers.” They will buy a kit to get the discounts.
  • People are not good about returning calls. Get organized and follow-up with Evernote.
  • Need new clients; have been too busy with one client to get out and network.
  • Need help promoting her classes.
  • Wrote a book last year and now working on promoting my book.
  • Need a system for streamlining business card follow-up – Evernote was suggested.
  • Don’t know how to generate more leads.
  • Met Jamie Holt at XC and things are going much better.
  • Social media was not going well. Connected with Tamay and now getting purchases on social media.
  • People saying that they will do something and then they don’t.
  • Following up with people – suggested to use the reminders feature on phone to remind them to follow-up.

If you noticed from the responses, a few mentioned meeting someone at an XC that helped them turn a problem into a positive. This is just one of the many benefits of attending an XC meeting. You meet women who have products or services you need built from relationships you have forged.  Please find a meeting on the calendar and attend. You’ll be glad you did!

Watch for our next business plan.

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