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What are your strongest qualities? Pass it down…

June 30, 2015 Uncategorized

A great product or ‘service with a smile’ helps grow your business. But at the basic level it’s all about YOU. Your personality, your character and how you present yourself.

Our education topic for this month was: Please share two or three of your strongest qualities and how these positive attributes directly affect your business!

Thank you to the ladies of the Atlanta/Cumberland XC; Woodstock XC; Austell/Mableton XC; and the Vinings/Smyrna XC for graciously sharing their thoughts.

  • Make connections, go out of your way to talk with people anywhere, anytime, show you are interested (from a closet introvert)!
  • Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Be excited at what you do, listen, be gracious.
  • Be friendly, be honest, be infectious, be yourself.
  • Crazy, curious, a cheerleader, inspire people.
  • Energy & experience, invigorate, be energetic
  • Break down barriers by being a loving person.
  • I am authentic and real which makes others feel comfortable with me.
  • I am passionate – I am an avid product user and customers feel my sincerity.
  • Listening is one of my strengths – I listen to what people say and find out what people want.
  • I always look for the big picture – and feel comfortable putting myself in someone else’s shoes.
  • I pride myself in being organized.
  • I am fearless – this quality results in my stepping out!  I use my courage by moving into action in the face of fear!
  • One of my strong qualities is enthusiasm – I love life, people and learning from others.
  • Good connector and supporter.
  • Ask a lot of questions and listening.
  • Get to know people as a person.
  • Tries to find ways to help solve problems where it benefits them a lot.
  • Honesty.
  • Loves to help people look and feel beautiful.
  • Likes to organize events.
  • Great encourager and supporter.
  • Likes to take care of people.
  • Educates people about getting healthy.
  • Likes people and likes helping people.
  • Likes to connect businesses.
  • Be a good listener
  • Listen to goals and find a solution for them.

How do YOUR qualities or strengths affect your success or business? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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