Hear from XC Leaders

“One of the very first networking meetings I ever attended was one a XC event.  It was a great introduction for a shy person who was just reaching out into the world of networking…the women were so gracious and welcoming. 

Through Xperience Connections I have gained incredibly supportive friends and referral partners, and found some amazing services and resources.

I love the perks of being a leader…being able to attend other XC events at a discount, working closely with fellow leaders on projects, the tools and training available on our website, and the incredible support and mentorship of our founder, Bonnie Ross-Parker.”

Carol Neal
XC Co- Leader, Alpharetta, GA

“Xperience Connections is a much needed and valuable networking experience in the marketplace.  I believe it helps established professional women look at their business or career with a fresh perspective.  It helps new entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a great start especially in today’s economy where so many women are deciding to control their own career destiny.  What is remarkable about the XC format is that everyone benefits…everyone!  When we gather together and build a relationship with someone we are more likely to listen with our hearts as well as our ears.  I, personally, have been exposed to personal growth opportunities that otherwise would have been unknown to me had I not taken the time to make a genuine connection with my guests.  For that I will be forever grateful.  “

Lara Sodon
XC Leader, Overland Park, KS

Several years ago, I was invited to attend an Xperience Connections meeting.  The energy was supportive, enlivening and FUN!  The diversity of attendee’s and the relaxed nature of the event lead to a lot of business taking place.  With each meeting, I met incredible women in business and made many friends along the way.  AND MY PRACTICE GREW.  I am thrilled to be the XC Leader serving East Cobb!

Cheryl Langley, East Cobb, GA
Langley Family Chiropractic, PC

I met Bonnie Ross-Parker over 10 years ago.  I have attended over 100 of her events.  I met my XC Co-Leader Ghislaine Smith at her Powder Springs dinner about 8 years ago and we have been friends ever since.  Some of the ladies I have met at the XC events are my closest friends.  I learned about my current business, Isagenix, at an event 6 years ago.  Isagenix has been life changing for me and my family and I don’t believe I would have known about it had it not been for XC.  My business has dramatically grown because of my association with Xperience Connections. I always enjoy meeting new women and learning about their businesses.  

Susan Guthrie
Powder Springs Co-Leader

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