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Christine Powers

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Hello and welcome to my XC page!

A little more about me…..

I am a wife of 30+ years with 5 great kids and we have been blessed with 6 beautiful grandchildren.  My husband and I managed our own business in the Employee Incentive/Recognition industry.  Managing a company with upwards of 100 employees just added to our large family!  It also cultivated a strong entrepreneurial mindset in me. 

I decided to search for new business opportunities where I could begin “Sharing the Powers” and put my life’s experiences as a mother, grandmother and entrepreneur to work.  I was led down various paths including the health and wellness industry, followup strategies and I am super excited to have been reintroduced to bitcoin!

I have alligned with a software technology compay that allows me to multiply my bitcoin and the passive growth potential is staggering. I  am excited to share it with others who want to take advantage of this "once in a life time" kind of opportunity utilizing this new and facinating emerging market of digital currency.  

As a wellness advocate, I am on a mission to share natural alternatives, specifically related to essential oils and the newly launched nspire products.  With cancer on the rise, and being a cancer survivor myself I feel this is more important than ever.  Dealing with the toxic overload in today’s world, I feel it is imperative that we turn to natural alternatives.  I am driven to share my knowledge on how making small changes can greatly affect the toxic overload in our bodies.

I offer essential oil education, fun DIY workshops, personal oil blend opportunities and Zito Compass Scanning.  This scan will test your galvanic response and measure what bio-markers are out of range in your body and provide direction on what essential oils would best assist the individual.  With my own personal testimonies as well as from many people I have worked with over the years, I know firsthand that essential oils are very effective as a natural alternative to support both your physical and emotional health. 

​​Embracing direct sales and networking, I have spent the last several years connecting with people and have learned the importance of effective follow up.  Following up properly is an art and has become another passsion that I have added to “Sharing the Powers”.   I have found the absolute best way to stay in touch with my customers, team members, friends and family through SendOut Cards, a personal greeting card company.  This allows me to create custom greeting cards for any occasion.  Not only is this a fun, creative way to stay in touch it also keeps me top of mind with the people I have worked so hard to connect with.  So, with my diffuser running (with my favorite essential oils), I offer free follow up workshops to help anyone find an easy way to stay in touch and top of mind using SendOut Cards!  Oh, and I am very excited that I will never miss a birthday again – or find a card in my purse that I forgot to send!  With 5 kids, 6 grandkids you can imagine how many times that happened! 
Enjoying an active leadership role with Xperience Connections in the Acworth/Cobb area I feel blessed to have met some amazing people.  I have developed some wonderful relationships with other like-minded women who are looking for personal growth as well as business growth.  The intimate setting of XC really allows for deep connections. This is so important because both personal and business growth happens through friendships and referrals. You are only going to refer people to people you trust. Right?

With that….  I would love to connect with you!

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