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Help Emily Get Her New Bath | Donate

February 15, 2015 Life, News, Overcoming Obstacles

EMILY loves water, but it has been 7 years since she has had a tub bath.  Her mom, Linda and sister, Erin are not strong enough to take her up stairs anymore.

EMILY loves water, but it has been 7 years since she has had a tub bath.  Her mom, Linda and sister, Erin are not strong enough to take her up stairs anymore.

EMILY loves water, but it has been 7 years since she has had a tub bath. Her mom, Linda and sister, Erin are not strong enough to take her up stairs anymore.


Emily Katz is 21 years old and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  She has a joyful smile, fighting spirit and endless capacity to Love.  Born with a mid-brain injury, Emily can’t walk, talk or see.  She requires full-time medical care.  She is a spastic quadriplegic, which affects all four limbs.  Emily thrives on her mother and sister’s constant love and nurturing.  But, her special care requires expensive special equipment.  Emily loves water, but it has been 7 years since she has had a tub bath.  Their bathroom is upstairs, so Emily has to have bed baths.  Her mom, Linda and sister, Erin are not strong enough to take her up stairs anymore.  She aged out of school when she turned 21 and no longer has many of the daily necessities covered including diapers and her feeding tube.  Just these two items cost $1,200 per month.  Beside the handicapped accessible bath downstairs they are also in need of lift equipment to make it easier for this single mom to care for her daughter.    Any help for this beautiful family would be greatly appreciated. 

Can You Show Some LOVE and Pledge Today. Your donation makes a real difference.

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Please share our mission to help Emily get her bath tub. (Extra contributions will go toward her transportation debt.)


Linda Katz 

We are so excited to have so many friends that have helped our cause. Emily has always enjoyed her baths and the thought of her finally getting her bath is very uplifting. Thank you for caring, sharing and making this wish come true for our family.
Special Thanks to Susan Guthrie for her passion to help this beautiful child!

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